• Our Annual Patient Information Days are large, friendly gatherings of around 100 patients affected by all the rare endocrine conditions that AMEND covers.  A variety of talks are given by a range of medical experts, including specialised sessions for each disease. A creche and activities for children are usually provided.

    Our event changes annually between venues in central London and elsewhere in the UK.


    *Please DO NOT attend our meetings if you have confirmed coronavirus, any symptoms that could be coronavirus, have been in recent contact with someone with coronavirus, or have recently travelled to China, SE Asia, Iran or Italy.  Some of our members have an increased risk of serious illness if they contract coronavirus.  Thank you for your understanding.


    Some feedback:

    “….it was good to chat with [the medical speakers]. You assembled an excellent panel of speakers who are open and approachable as well as knowledgeable. We also met some interesting people among the other delegates. The venue was good too, and the dinner was excellent.” (patient)

    “Brilliant day and so well organised. Thrilled to have been able to attend. Topics so relevant and make you feel in control of your condition. Thank you.” (patient)

    “Having attended the event I feel support in meeting others with MEN” (patient)