• AMEND has a number of projects or work programmes on the go at any one time, although our own projects are subject to adequate funding.

    Many of our projects include exciting activities for our members to get involved in, giving you a sense of being able to help others.  Activities range from interactive workshops down to simple surveys.  All are vital to ensuring that AMEND can provide the patient voice, as well as improve the resources and information that we offer.

    Click on a link below to find out more on our work and to see if there may be something that you or a family member or friend may like to be involved in!


  • Community Advisory Groups

  • Virtual Peer Support Groups & Volunteers

  • European MEN Alliance (EMENA)

  • ACC Support UK

  • Phaeo Para Support UK

  • Patient Experience Films

  • Young Adults' Resources

  • GenNET Passport App

  • Regional Volunteers
  • Phaeo Para Support UK