• Feedback Received

    AMEND is always pleased to receive feedback. Below are just some of the comments we have received over the years:

    From Patients

    “AMEND Roadshows are a life-saver. They provide fantastic and clear information and radically reduce feelings of panic and isolation that goes with a rare disease.”

    “Thank you for being there for [my friend] last year. AMEND made a huge difference when she was at a really low point.”

    “What a read! Amazing effort to everyone involved.” (International MEN2a member about our newsletter)

    “I will always remember how cared for I felt by you both when I had my colon surgery. Not to mention the lovely flowers.”

    “It’s reassuring and a consolation to know, that there are people out there, sitting in the same “odd and rocky” boat and giving it some guidance” (International MEN2a member)

    “I wanted to say thank you very much for all the information I received in the post this morning. It’s so informative & helpful & a great support. You are all doing a fantastic job at AMEND.”

    “Just received the MEN2a Patient Information booklet today via Guys Hospital and it couldn’t have come at a better time and can I say what a useful and well presented booklet it is.”

    “I really enjoyed reading all the literature you sent me especially the Newsletter. You guys are amazing!” (US MEN1 member)

    From Medical Professionals

    “I think your website is an absolutely fantastic resource” (Consultant Clinical Geneticist)

    “I thought [the website film] was excellent and more likely to be remembered than any Powerpoint slides I could show” (Consultant Clinical Geneticist)

    “I am most impressed with the website content and in particular the videos.” (Professor of Endocrinology)

    “AMEND is the most dynamic little group I’ve met.” (UK Endocrine Surgeon)

    “Thank you so much again for the information, the family was really delighted with the information you sent.” (Specialist Endocrine Nurse)

    “It has been an honor to be involved in the activities of AMEND. What you and the organization do is very, very, important, and a critical factor in our efforts to make progress with the diagnosis and treatment of the MEN syndromes.” (Retiring US Medical Advisor Samuel Wells MD – 2012)

    “…you are all doing a wonderful job!” (US Medical Advisor, Constantine Stratakis, MD, DMSci)


    “Thank you so much! I had great success with the project! I received a 98/A on the report! Again, thank you for your support.” (Healthcare Services Student, USA)

    “…the premier provider of quality information on Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders..” Genetic Alliance (USA)

    If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us