• Every penny raised by our members and supporters goes to helping AMEND to provide information and support to patients and families affected by MEN and related endocrine syndromes and tumours, and to fund research into the diseases.  We provide all this for free.

    If you are organising an event, let us know as we would love to share your news. We have free t-shirts or baseball caps available for all fundraisers.  Keep scrolling down for other resources.

    Our preferred fundraising platform is Total Giving which is a non-profit organisation with minimal charges for charities, unlike other platforms.  Scroll down for details and a link.

    For any inquiries about fundraising for AMEND, please contact Helen Blakebrough in the office.

Upcoming Events

  • Charity Golf Day

    Barnes Construction and JPH Electrical hold an annual Charity Golf Day in memory of AMEND late member, Nick Fayers.

    For 2023, they have made space for 2 teams of x4 golfers each to participate in the event on Friday 29th September at the Rushmere Golf Club near Ipswich in Suffolk.

    If you can gather one or two teams of 4 and are interested in participating, please contact Jo in the office as soon as possible.


  • Great North Run 2023

    AMEND has managed to secure 5 places in this years Great North Run.

    The iconic Great North Run is being held on September 10th 2023. The event is the world’s biggest and best half marathon. Join 50,000 runners following the North East coast, starting in Newcastle City Centre.

    If anyone would like to participate in this event and raise funds for AMEND (target of £200 plus a free AMEND running vest) please contact Helen in the office.

    Note: Please DO NOT sign up with GNR fundraising platform Enthuse!!  The cost is extortionate.  Please use Total Giving (see below)

  • Great South Run 2023

    AMEND has 5 places in this years Great South Run.

    The Great South Run is being held on Sunday 15th October 2022. The South coast’s biggest and best running event takes place in Portsmouth over a fast and flat 10 mile route.

    If anyone would like to participate in this run and raise funds for AMEND (target of £200 plus a free AMEND running vest) please contact Helen in the office.

  • London Marathon (2024 place!)

    AMEND has one space on the official London Marathon every 5 years (next one 2024).  The fundraising target is a minimum of £1000 (which has always been exceeded).  We receive multiple enquiries about this prestigious event and AMEND reserves the right to choose our runner from all applicants (who are asked to provide details of why they wish to run and an estimate of potential fundraising level).

    If you would like to participate in this run in 2024 please contact Helen in the office.

  • Jurassic Coast Challenge (September 2024)

    Join our team as we trek along the beautifully scenic Dorset to Devon coastline over one weekend.  This challenge will take place from 6-8 September 2024, giving you plenty of time to save up as well as fundraise (target £100).

    Costs: £80 registration fee payable immediately and £320 trek fee (payable 8 weeks prior).  When booking, select ‘Full Payment Option’.  For more information, please follow the booking website link below.  Once booked, please notify Helen that you will be joining our team.

    Please ensure that you are fit enough for this challenge as it will be hilly!

  • Virtual Challenges

    Virtual challenges can help you make exercising into a habit. You are 4 times more likely to achieve your goal if you also join a Conqueror challenge, because it helps you setup a SMART fitness goal and it motivates you from start to finish.

    Completing any of the challenges rewards you with a stunning finisher’s medal that will stand up in your collection.

    You can choose a timeframe for each challenge of up to 78 weeks, and can either complete it solo or as a team

    Click here for more information



  • When raising sponsorship for any fundraising events, please use Total Giving.  AMEND is NOT registered with JustGiving (due to costs) and cannot access full data from their site.  Total Giving does much the same as JustGiving and is much more cost-effective for a charity of our size. Thanks!


Past Events

  • Petra 100km Trek
  • Yorkshire 3 Peaks
  • Sahara 120km Trek

Offline Fundraising

  • Collecting Boxes

    These cute, bright cuboids (8cm squared) can hold a deceptively large number of coins and are great for all that nuisance change that gets left around the house or in the washing!  Order up to two at a time for free from our shop.

Fundraising Resources

  • The following forms will be useful to anyone raising money offline. UK tax-payers can complete the Gift Aid form enabling AMEND to reclaim extra funds from the Government at no cost to yourself.

  • Use our eye-catching explanatory poster to really draw attention to your fundraising event!