• The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

    29th June – 1st July, 2018

    Please support our team!

  • The Yorkshire Three Peaks, in the Yorkshire Dales, represents a challenge for the keenest of walkers. To scale three mountains in two days is no mean feat and provides an exhilarating and demanding trek in some of the most spectacular countryside England has to offer. This fundraising event is a tough and rewarding weekend in steep, rugged country, offering an unforgettable sense of achievement.

    As part of our 15th Anniversary celebrations, AMEND has organised a bespoke (AMEND-only) fundraising weekend, and 13 intrepid explorers are busy training for the event.  See the links below and please sponsor a trekker if you can.  Thank you!

  • Meet our crazy team members below and please sponsor them if you can!

  • Jo Grey (AMEND CEO) & Alan

    Jo (MEN2a) is renowned for paying gym fees but never actually using the gym.  She may struggle but will be ably assisted by her trusty wingman and husband, Alan.

  • Gill Underhill (AMEND Trustee) & Kev

    Gill (MEN1) prefers gin to walking but has made great strides to train for this trek.  Ably assisted by her partner Kev, we reckon she might just make it too!

  • Laura Jones (AMEND Trustee)

    Laura (MEN1) has been very quiet about her training, which makes us think that she’s been doing loads and will beat everyone else up at least the first mountain!

  • Sarah Weir

    You couldn’t do this challenge while harbouring a pheochromocytoma – luckily Sarah had several surgeries to remove these and we’re sure she’ll therefore be running up the Yorkshire Dales!

  • Maralyn Druce (Prof)

    The Prof is more used to walking the wards than climbing mountains so the tables may be turned this time, with patients helping the medic up the slopes!

  • Charmaine Chantler

    We suspect that Charmaine (MEN1) is rather fitter than the majority of our team and we therefore hope she’ll be able to push some of us up the hills, especially on day 2!

  • Crystal McLeoad & Ali

    We’ve got these two marked down as the jokers in the pack!  Crystal (SDH) will be ably supported by her good friend Alison and we reckon they’ll ensure they have a good laugh along the way.

  • Cameron Grey

    Cameron (MEN2a) is Jo’s son but on this trip he’ll only have ears and eyes for his girlfriend, Emma who will be trekking alongside him.  Hopefully, he’ll check on his mum from time to time!

  • Emma Povey

    Emma is Cameron’s girlfriend and is likely to beat Cameron up the mountains, being a very active and sporty young woman!

  • Tom Mitchell

    Tom is Laura’s brother and will be coming to support Laura on the trek.  We think that’s such wonderful brotherly love!

  • Saturday 30th June

    After a good fuelling breakfast in camp, the team will tackle 723m Ingleborough’s stepped shape – due to its alternating layers of limestone, sandstone and shale.  The team will then walk to the second peak, 736m Whernside, with its distinctive whale-back shape. By the time they walk back to the campsite, they will have well and truly earned their dinner!

    Trek approx. 12 miles (6-8 hours)

  • Sunday 1st July

    The third and final peak – the distinctive stepped outcrop of 694m Pen-y-Ghent is the task for Sunday.  Hopefully, by the end, the team will be feeling pretty pleased with themselves and their accomplishments!

    Trek approx. 6-8 miles (4-5 hours)