• 13-Strong Team ‘Bossed’ The Mountains!

    The Yorkshire Three Peaks, in the Yorkshire Dales, represents a challenge for the keenest of walkers. To scale three mountains in two days is no mean feat and provides an exhilarating and demanding trek in some of the most spectacular countryside England has to offer. This fundraising event was a tough, bespoke (AMEND-only) fundraising weekend, made harder due to the hot weather (over 30 degrees) and lack of shade.

    After our first night of camping where the wind made sleep fitful, 13 intrepid explorers set off at 8am on Saturday 30th June to tackle Ingleborough, ascending from the steep side, involving some serious rock climbing up the outrageously named ‘Humphrey Bottom’ (it got called worse things!). After a long and increasingly hot descent (which included another smaller and unwelcome ascent), we stopped for lunch under the shade of a wall and some trees, then set off again in 32 degree heat to take the long ascent up Whernside. At the top – a howling gale that threatened to blow us over the edge! We found the summit marker but no shade over a wall where at least there was respite from the wind for our lunch-break, before a stepped and increasingly steep and dangerous descent needing intense concentration. By this time, leg muscles were very tired and it is a wonder that none of the team fell. Thankfully, everyone was down safely by 6:30pm and we walked the last few hundred metres back to our campsite for a welcome shower, tea, cake and dinner. Painkillers and an early night were needed for most as there was another 8am start on Sunday 1st July. The next day we approached Pen-y-Ghent from the steep, stepped side which looks impossible to ascend on first glance. We were lucky that the temperature was only around 28 degrees that morning as there was plenty of vertigo-inducing rock climbing needed to scale this mountain, but the views and the gradual descent were worth the effort. To celebrate our achievement, we all sat together in a field, drinking tea and eating cake, before taking our final team photo.

    Despite the sore muscles and aching joints, everyone agreed that they had enjoyed being part of our small group and getting to know their fellow trekkers. There was less of a consensus on whether or not they had enjoyed the climbing experience, but everyone was very pleased to have survived and to have raised almost £15,000 in the process!

  • Ready to Go!
  • Peak 1 (Ingleborough) Done!
  • Ribbleshead Viaduct
  • Rest-stop on Whernside Ascent
  • Peak 2 (Whernside) Done!
  • Peak 3 (Pen-y-Ghent) Done!
  • Meet our crazy team members below.  It’s not too late to donate if you can!

  • Jo Grey (AMEND CEO) & Alan

    I am aching in muscles I never knew I had!  Nevertheless, it was an amazing weekend full of determination and humour.  I am always the better for these challenges – well, mentally anyway!  Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me and Alan – you kept us going when the going got tough!

  • Gill Underhill (AMEND Trustee) & Kev

  • Laura Jones (AMEND Trustee)

    What a weekend! The Yorkshire 3 peaks were super challenging especially in the heat but my overriding feeling is what a wonderful group. We all stuck together, supportive one another when it got particularly tough and we were all there to support AMEND. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us, it really means a great deal! #TeamAMEND #Yorkshire3peaks

  • Sarah Weir

  • Maralyn Druce (Prof)

  • Charmaine Chantler

  • Crystal McLeoad & Ali

  • Cameron Grey

  • Emma Povey

  • Tom Mitchell