• AMEND wishes to support research and is provides grants when funds allow to enable medical researchers to supplement an existing project or pump-prime new research ideas. Applicants must be registered members of AMEND and the successful projects must be specifically directed to the study of endocrine tumours, within the context of the Charity’s remit (MEN1, MEN2, MEN3, SDHx, ACC, spMTC).  Awards are only available to projects carried out within the United Kingdom and Eire.  Each project grant is usually worth up to £10,000, although larger amounts have been awarded.  Commonly, up to 3 project grants are available annually, although this can vary according to surplus funds available.


    2022 Award Round Deadline 31 August 2022



    Specific Grants

    The Nick Fayers Award for MEN1 Research forms part of the annual grants programme.  It was set up in memory of the late Nick Fayers who had MEN1, and whose friends and family raised £100,000 for AMEND in 2018/19.  These grants are available until further notice for one or more research projects directly related to MEN1 tumours.

    The Elliot Dallen Award for ACC Research forms part of the annual grants programme for 2022.  The Elliot Dallen Trust was set up by the family and friends of the late Elliot Dallen, who had ACC. The Elliot Dallen Trust has granted AMEND a fund of £10,000 specifically for research into adrenocortical cancer.  This grant will be available for three years from 2022.

    The Cerys Akarca Award for ACC Research forms part of the annual grants programme for 2022.  This award, in memory of Cerys Akarca, was made possible by the fantastic fundraising undertaken Cerys’s sons, Danyal and Dilhan.  This award can form part of a larger award of up to £15,000 combined with the Elliot Dallen Award, or a separate smaller award, both specifically for research into adrenocortical cancer.

  • For further information and criteria, please view the application form:

  • AMEND Research Fund Application Form

    AMEND Research Award Application Form.doc

  • NIHR Non-Commercial Partnership

    AMEND is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) non-commercial Partner. This means the studies that we fund may be eligible to access the NIHR Study Support Service which is provided by the NIHR Clinical Research Network. The NIHR Clinical Research Network can now support health and social care research taking place in non-NHS settings, such as studies running in care homes or hospices, or public health research taking place in schools and other community settings. Read the full policy: Eligibility Criteria for NIHR Clinical Research Network Support.

    In partnership with your local R&D office, we encourage you to involve your local NIHR Clinical Research Network team in discussions as early as possible when planning your study. This will enable you to fully benefit from the support available through the NIHR Study Support Service. To find out more, please visit: www.nihr.ac.uk/study-support-service

    If your study involves NHS sites in England you will need to apply for Health Research Authority Approval. For guidance on submitting an application please visit: www.hra.nhs.uk.