• 10-day 100km Sahara Trek – 26 October – 4 November 2012

    Congratulations to AMEND’s ‘Maniac Endocrine Nomads’ – they did it!

    In fact, the Maniacs walked 120km in the end (and that doesn’t include urgent en route duck-behind-a-dune runs either!), raising over £14,000 (US$22,000) for the AMEND Research Fund.

    AMEND teamed up with Discover Adventure Limited to offer this 10-day Saharan challenge trekking through stony flat expanse to perfect wind-blown sand dunes, broken only occasionally by an oasis. The feeling of space and solitude was awesome. With proud Berbers as our guides and a small caravan of camels to carry our supplies, we trekked over 100km through this varied and stunning landscape.

    You can read more about each of our ‘Maniac Endocrine Nomads’ here; what motivated them and how you can continue to help them with their fundraising.

  • Some of the great messages of support received for the team:

    “Good luck everyone, I imagine the beer camel will be completely dry on it’s return!” Gill, UK MEN1 Rep

    “Will be thinking of you. Be careful drink lots of fluid ( including beer!)” Cathy Bouvier, NET Patient Foundation

    “Takes lots of photos and have fun!” Janis Hickey, British Thyroid Foundation

    “Good luck to all the team!!! Very much look forward to reading and hearing all about it in future newsletters and at the next AGM.” Andy and Cindy

    “Looks great – and inspiring. Good luck.” Tom

    “Hope you all have a great time!” Suzanne (Australia)

    “I hope it all goes smoothly and everyone comes back without too many blisters! Will be thinking of you.” Emily Fazal, Trustee

    “Have a wonderful (and safe!) trip to Morrocco – I so wish I could be there with you guys. I can’t wait to see the pictures!” Thereasa Rich, US AMAT, MD Anderson Cancer Center