• With so much uncertainty around at the moment, it’s not at all surprising you might feel confused, worried or overwhelmed. You are not alone! Living with an underlying condition may make you feel even more vulnerable than usual.  This is completely understandable.

    When daily life changes suddenly like this, it can feel unsettling.  As well as the potential impact on your own health, you may feel just as worried about how this will impact someone you care about. Nevertheless, now more than ever, it is really important to be thoughtful about how you look after yourself emotionally through this unusual period of time too.

    This webpage contains plenty of advice about looking after yourself in practical ways, but we’ve also put together some tips and ideas for looking after your emotional health below.

    Remember: Self-Care is NOT selfish!


  • Support for your Emotional Wellbeing

  • Still Feeling Anxious?

  • Mindfulness Relaxation Techniques

  • Counselling and Crisis Support

  • Guilt


  • When you are at home all day, keeping relationships steady, avoiding arguments and negotiating everyone’s different needs and wants is a big ask.  Below we have brought together some resources that may be useful in the weeks and months ahead.