• Now That’s What I Call Coronavirus

    If you use Spotify, one of our MTC members has compiled a play-list that will have you chuckling (not crying) at titles and song lyrics.  Classics include ‘I will survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, ‘Don’t Stand so Close’ by The Police, and ‘School’s Out’ by Alice Cooper!

    Click here to listen to ‘Now that’s what I call coronavirus’!

    Spotify has free and paid versions and will be a useful app for your smartphones!

    Thanks to Steven for compiling these tracks!

    Here is some other musical inspiration – explore online services and social media and you’re sure to find more!

  • Little bit of Beethoven (Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra)

  • 'Our own' Hope (singing 'Wild' from EP 'Road to the Moon')

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