• The following information on the current pandemic is aimed at those with the rare endocrine diseases for whom we provide information resources and support services.  It is from reputable sources such as NHS England and the World Health Organisation in conjunction with our own medical advisors and those of other organisations like AMEND.

    Beware of misinformation that is being spread on social media.

    On this page, we will bring together, and regularly review and update, the information currently available to us, so check back regularly.

    Importantly, out of those who have tested positive for the virus, over 90% (9 in 10) of people will recover.  Many who do contract the virus will have mild symptoms.  Now more than ever, it is vital to follow the advice given out by the NHS which is detailed below.

    This page was reviewed on: 29/06/2020



  • The C-19 ZOE app is available in the UK and is a daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker.  This can be used daily even if you feel well, and will offer you a test for COVID-19 if you report symptoms.  Available for iPhone and Android, it takes less than a minute to do each day on average.  Click here for more information.

    [The UK government is aiming to launch a Digital Contact Tracing App at some point this year (maybe).  It is currently trialling on the Isle of Wight.  This may be helpful in notifying you if you may have been in close contact with someone who is later found to have the virus.   Click here to find out more.]

How is AMEND Affected by the Pandemic?

  • On the surface, you should see little change in AMEND’s services.  Jo and Helen are mainly working from home, and have been since the pandemic was declared.  However, they are taking it in turns to pop into the office once or twice a week to send out membership packs or to escape our families!

    • The 2020 Annual Patient Information Day was cancelled.  The 2021 event will be held in London on Saturday 8th May, 2021 – you can already register.
    • Regional Patient Events are currently happening via online webinar rather than in person.  You can attend any of these, no matter where you live.  Click here to find out more.
    • All fundraisers have so far either been cancelled or postponed (such as the London Marathon).  There are other ideas about how you can support the work of AMEND here.  If you want to undertake a ‘back garden challenge’, you can still find the resources you need here.  We’d love to hear about your activities!
    • Social Media Accounts continue to run as normal
    • The Counselling Service is running as normal.  Kym and David are there to help you manage any anxieties you may have during this unprecedented and worrying time.
    • We are still contactable via phone (Jo – 01892 516076; Helen – 01892 841032) and by emailPlease be aware that we are not qualified to give out medical advice and that our Medical Advisory Team may not be able to answer queries, since many (if not all) will be busy helping with the COVID-19 efforts in their hospitals.


    NB:  We are no longer providing a day-by-day update.  Please visit the website of the BBC who cover the government briefings.

About COVID-19 and Endocrine Diseases

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General Advice and Information:


Advice Specific to People with Long-term (Underlying) Medical Conditions:

If you’re identified as being extremely vulnerable and at the highest risk level, you should have been contacted by the NHS and asked to self-isolate for 12 weeks. 


Fact-Checking of the Media:


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