• I am a consultant endocrine surgeon based in Oxford University hospital having taken over from Mr Greg Sadler in 2018.

    Oxford is one of the highest volume parathyroid and adrenal centres in the UK carrying out over 250 parathyroid operations and 60 adrenal operations in 2022 in adults and children. Our workload, as well as the Oxford tertiary referrals, means we work closely with our endocrinology teams looking after patients with MEN syndromes. 

    I sit on the MDT boards for thyroid, adrenal and neuroendocrine in Oxford to provide support and care where needed.

    I was appointed Governor of the Oxford University Hospital Foundation Trust since 2018, as well as on the board for  Performance, Workforce and Finance committee until 2022 – providing accountability to staff and patients.

    I am vocal and active on social media sites such as twitter to promote endocrine surgery and patient care.

    I am currently clinical lead of the Endocrine Surgery Dept in Oxford and co-authored and nationalised the SCOOP thyroid guidelines for emergency neck bleeding.