• I was diagnosed with MEN1 in July 2016 after feeling very poorly with no diagnosis for around 18 months.  As soon as MEN1 was suspected I was given an AMEND information leaflet at the hospital where I was undergoing treatment and tests.  As we all know there is so much to take in and it can be an awful lot to get our heads around so when the time was finally right for me I plucked up the courage to start reading more about the condition using AMEND’s resources.  From there I joined the AMEND Facebook group and I was touched and overwhelmed with how caring and supportive Jo and the other members were.  I’m so glad I was introduced to AMEND.

    I live in Newcastle and live a very active and ‘normal’ lifestyle.  I try to look at the positives in all situations, yet I fully understand what a terrifying time it can be going through diagnosis, waiting for test results and surgery.

    I’m so proud to now have an active role within AMEND.  They have helped me in so many ways so I’m extremely pleased to be able to give something back.  I’m hoping to bring people together and show that having a MEN disorder isn’t all doom and gloom.