• Our current Trustee Board (as at 6th May 2017)

  • Mr Barney Harrison

    MBBS, MS, FRCS Eng, FRCS Edinburgh (Consultant Endocrine Surgeon – retired) Past President BAETS (Chair)

  • Mrs Catherine Hamilton-Woodthorpe

    BSc, FCA
    (AMEND Treasurer)

  • Mrs Gill Underhill

    (MEN1 Representative)

  • Professor Karim Meeran

    BSc, MBBS, MRCP, MD, FRCP (Consultant Endocrinologist, London)
    Clinical Excellence Award Winner

  • Dr Simon Williams

    BA, MA, PhD, PGCE, Dep TEFL, PGCertHE

  • Ms Edel Murphy

    (MEN2b/Ireland Representative)

  • Mrs Laura Jones

  • Mrs Louise Breen, RN

  • Joel Russell-Winter

    Youth Trustee

  • AMEND Medical Advisory Team (AMAT)

    AMEND takes its responsibility of supplying accurate information to patients very seriously. As such, the AMEND Medical Advisory Team are imperative to the production of our patient resources such as our website and patient information books. All our advisors give their time freely and AMEND is very grateful for their help and commitment.

    Note: AMEND is not allianced with any one particular medical facility and tries to ensure that its advisors are geographically spread in order to provide balanced opinion and information.

    Click here to view the current members of our AMEND Medical Advisory Team.

    AMEND is a member of the following organisations: