• Gill Masters

    (Incoming Chair of Trustees)

    I became a Trustee of AMEND shortly after beginning my volunteer work for the charity following my own diagnosis of MEN1. My son has also inherited the disorder from me. I was eager to learn as much about MEN as I could, so that I could help educate newly diagnosed patients, and be a positive influence for them on their journey, which can be a lonely place at times.

    Both roles enable me to attend all sorts of meetings, medical conferences and workshops, nationally and internationally, which in turn increases my knowledge of MEN and helps me to understand my condition and that of others. I am able, through what I have learned, to help show people that their diagnosis can be dealt with in a pro-active manner, and that in fact very many of us can lead a ‘normal’ life.

    As a Trustee with MEN I feel I can have an input to Board decisions which reflect what I feel is the most important view – that of the patient. I have watched AMEND grow (very rapidly!) and flourish in the few years that I’ve been involved, and am determined that the Charity will continue it’s good work – they’re an amazing bunch of people and I am honoured to be able to work with everyone!