• In 2004 I was genetically tested and diagnosed with MEN1 at the age of 10 when my dad became seriously ill with the disease. Unfortunately, we lost my dad in 2010 due to mis-/late diagnosis.

    In 2021, I became a Youth Leader volunteer for the AMEND young person’s WhatsApp support groups (13-17yrs and 18-30yrs).

    I am keen to learn and discover as much as I can about MEN and AMEND itself in order to have a better understanding, not only for my own journey as a patient, but so that I am able to be a better support leader with more knowledge and experience with the charity. I hope that attending meetings and being able to share my ideas with the board from the perspective of a patient combined with what I learn from members of the young person’s WhatsApp groups, that I will be able to aid AMEND’s support and growth, especially with the younger generation.

    It would be an honour to be given the opportunity to work more closely with the current team, and to be more involved in a charity that is so close to my heart!