• Make Memories – Raise Funds!

    In 2012 it was the Sahara in Morocco…..10 year later, it’s the Jordanian desert to Petra!

    Join AMEND CEO, Jo Grey and many more of us for a once-in-a-lifetime fundraising trek in 2022, between 14th – 24th October.

    We will trek through the deserts of Jordan to reach the iconic ancient city of Petra, one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World. We’ll follow ancient trails through enchanted country which the nomadic Bedouin people and their livestock have travelled for generations.

    To get there we’ll trek over dry wadis and through lush canyons, open sandy desert and rocky hamada. You’ll encounter hot springs, Roman remains, crusader castles, Neolithic houses and green valleys fed by crystal streams. The scenery is absolutely mesmerising with the canyons and gorges coming alive under the changing light and glowing in various shades of red and orange. At night, we camp in Bedouin tents and feast by the campfire as the desert sky opens up to the stars.

  • Entering the incredible city of Petra is the highlight of the expedition – the ancient capital of the Nabateans, age unknown but ‘half as old as time’, seems impossibly carved from the rock face.  As a special extra we can visit Petra at night when it is beautifully lit by candlelight. The special treats do not stop there. We have also added an incredible days trekking on camel back through the famous and stunning Wadi Rum before a night of glamping in the middle of the sand and mountains.


  • On our last day we head to the Dead Sea to soak our weary feet at our spa resort and relax in the unique buoyancy of the waters.

    Let your incredibly knowledgeable Bedouin and western guides take care of all the logistics and safety while you immerse yourself into this totally unique desert experience.


  • Our organisers, 360 Expeditions, offer a monthly payment plan* for the cost of the trip (£2,395) – a reason why we organise these big trips 2 years in advance.  After that, you should have plenty of time to get creative with your fundraising!  The individual fundraising target is £1,000 (it is only a target – we won’t cancel your place if you don’t quite make that amount!).

    Click on the link below for more information on the trek, and to book (select the ‘Invitation Only’ option for 14-24 October 2022).

    *Example: Booking 24 months in advance – pay £115 upfront then £114 for 20 months.



  • AMEND CEO, Jo Grey

    Jo, pictured here on the Sahara Trek in 2012, is excited to be following in the footsteps of Indiana Jones in visiting the exquisite ancient city of Petra.  Armed with plenty of injectable hydrocortisone in case of adrenal crisis, she’s used to walking the dogs, but not in the kind of heat that they’ll be experiencing!

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  • Anna Savin (link to come)