AMEND USA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (IRS number 90-0885351) registered in the State of California. AMEND USA was set up in response to a growing number of members from the US joining AMEND. It is run on a voluntary basis by patients for patients with the support of expert medical advisors and AMEND.

    AMEND USA is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to come on board and drive the organisation. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact AMEND USA Acting President, Jason Keller.

    Information booklets on MEN1 and MEN2 adapted for the USA are available below on this webpage. Most other information in our UK resources section will be of relevance to American members, in particular, our booklets on Living with Uncertainty and Dealing with Diagnosis.

    Members of AMEND USA may also access AMEND’s free Counselling Service, though we ask that you bear time differences in mind. On joining AMEND you will also receive an email invitation to our private Facebook Groups as appropriate.

    We are grateful for all donations, large and small. Click here to donate to AMEND USA