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  • What is Transition?

    Transition is the process of moving from children’s to adults’ specialist healthcare services. It refers to the full process including initial planning, the actual transfer between services, and the support required throughout.  A good transition is essential to make sure that young people do not ‘fall out’ of healthcare services, in order to keep them as healthy as possible.

    Young people and their parents or carers will all be involved in discussions with the doctor to decide when to begin transition and to manage expectations.  Transition may often begin as early as around 11 years old.  However, in young people with learning disabilities, this may be much later, or they may remain in children’s services.  At the beginning of the process, young people should expect to be assigned a key, named worker, be given a Transition Care Plan and a Personal Transition Folder containing important contact details, medical details, education/social care needs, future goals and emergency plans.

    During the process, a doctor from adult services may attend the children’s services hospital appointments and vice versa.  This helps a young person become familiar with the staff who will be caring for them in adult services, even if these will be in a different hospital.  Between ages 16-25 they should be seen in a Young Adult service, usually based in the adult services.  For the first couple of appointments they should see the same doctor so that they settle in well to adult services environment.

  • A great example of a short video from two of our young members