• On 6th October 2018 we will be running a day-long workshop for young people at Alton Towers Resort to look at the concerns and issues, as well as what may have worked well during transition from paediatric to adult endocrine services.  While we work on the Saturday, Sunday is a full free day in the theme park………..all work and no play…..!

    If the following apply to you and you’re interested in getting involved, please contact Jo Grey as soon as possible:

    • You have MEN1, MEN2a or MEN2b
    • You are a young person aged 13-21 who is either approaching transition or who has recently transitioned from paediatric to adult NHS endocrine services
    • You live in the UK
    • You are available on the weekend of 6/7th October 2018
    • You have a parent or guardian who can accompany you (only 1 per young person) – they do not need to have the condition too
    • You are happy to be interviewed on camera using a set of questions that will be shared with you before the event (there will be professional help given regarding talking to camera on the day)
    • Your parent or guardian is happy to be interviewed (separately to you) on camera using a set of questions that will be shared with them before the event

    In return for your involvement, AMEND will meet/reimburse travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

    Your input will be added to that of everyone attending to develop a variety of films about Transition in Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia for use on this website, our YouTube channel and social media channels (as a minimum).  These films will hopefully help to inform other young people approaching Transition in the future.


  • A great example of a short video from two of our young members