• We are very grateful to everyone who has gifted us their My Story.  The following stories give you a flavour of the variety of journeys with MEN2A that different people experience.  We hope you find them interesting, useful and maybe even inspiring.  Writing about your experiences of living with a rare disease can be cathartic.  If you would like to write about your journey, please download our template and send it to Jo Grey at the AMEND HQ.  Thank you

  • Jo

  • Danielle

  • Ashley

Patient Experience Videos

  • Come and meet Liz, Laura and Mandi and hear their experiences of diagnosis and treatment in MEN2A, as well as how they feel that their disease may affect their futures.  Huge thanks to Liz, Laura and Mandi for participating in this project!

    The following videos were produced Red Goat Productions thanks to a grant from Ipsen, and launched in September 2021.

  • Living with MEN2A - Diagnosis

  • Living with MEN2A - Treatment

  • Living with MEN2A - Future