• Hello everyone.  I am an ACC (Adrenocortical Carcinoma) patient and this condition is fairly new to AMEND’s support network.

    To have been diagnosed with such a condition and suffered its symptoms; has been quite devastating for me as I have worked as a Physical Education Instructor within the Prison Service for the last 25 years.

    I am now post surgery (adrenalectomy) and I am responding well to what can be nasty treatment. So I am in remission.

    Prognosis is not always good with this disease so it is very useful and comforting to have support around you; please use it and do not feel alone, as you can with very rare diseases.

    I hope to bring patients old and new together and help to understand this very unusual condition. I am proud to be part of AMEND and look forward to supporting other AMEND members.


  • Please check back for information on future meetings