• AMEND’s 2020 physical place was deferred to 3 October 2021 and the place has now GONE!

    Huge thanks to Josh Dickson to picking up the baton for our 2021 place.

    Josh will be running the 2021 London Marathon in memory of his Mum, Philippa Dickson, who died from cancer in 2016. As 2021 will mark the 5th anniversary of her death, Josh decided to run the Marathon in her memory.

    “She was an incredibly strong, determined, and lovely woman. I and many others miss her dearly.”



    Additional Runner

    We are delighted that Jan Burbie successfully applied for her own place and will be running in memory of her dear late friend, Cerys Akarca, who sadly died last year of ACC.  She is running for AMEND (and ACC Support UK), and the Spinal Injuries Association.



    AMEND has 1 charity Silver Bond place every five years. The next place is in 2024.

    If you wish to apply for the 2024 place, please contact Helen Blakebrough and include the following information by the end of August, 2023:

    1. What is your connection to AMEND / PPSUK / ACCSUK (why do you want to run for us / what or who is your inspiration),
    2. A realistic estimate of how much you may be able to raise (minimum target £5000 based on previous runners’ efforts).

    Depending on the number of applications, we may hold a blind draw to select the runner.




  • Due to COVID-19, only the elite runners ran a course in a London park on the day (not even the usual course).  Others were given the choice of running a virtual (but tracked) race on the day by themselves, or deferring their place to a race sometime in the next few years.  Liam took the brave decision to run the race himself and we were thrilled that we could keep track of his progress on a special app, which tracked his progress against the original course.  It was difficult for conditions to be worse – raining all day.

    After the challenge, Liam commented that he ‘genuinely wanted to cry with pain, thought about giving up numerous times and physically couldn’t run for the last six miles. But somehow made it round 26.2 miles…’

    Liam did all this without the amazing and huge crowds that would normally line the course, and without fellow runners – making the experience even tougher than normal both mentally and physically.  Nevertheless, he finished the race at 5 hours, 26 minutes and 3 seconds, and celebrated with a can of lager!

  • Our 2019 superstar was AMEND MEN1 member, David Hawley!  He wrote the following about his experience:


    “Just over a week on and I’ve had a chance to rest up and absorb what actually happened on the 28th April!

    The actual run went better than I expected where I only had a dip at 17 miles and then the classic “hit the wall” moment at 21 miles.

    I had quite a few calf pains and injuries during my training and at mile 3 I felt it twinge again. I thought to myself “all this training and I’m going to have to pull out before I even get to the Cutty Sark”!

    I gingerly kept going though and after 10 more minutes it eased off and I was able to focus on running properly again.

    The experience itself was absolutely electric. From the crowded streets of supporters in the usual high profile places such as Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and the Mall. To the brilliantly original support on the quieter parts of the route. I saw people playing music out of their houses for us in Blackheath, numerous pubs en route playing music and having an MC cheering people on and families having picnics in their front gardens whilst cheering us on. So many people used it as a chance to do something with their children and they supported us whilst the kids handed out jelly babies and other sweets.

    The best way to describe it is that all the negative, nay sayers who moan about the hand life has dealt them decided to stay in on that Sunday and all the positive, happy, determined people of London came out to show their support. It was an incredible experience I won’t ever forget.

    My overall time of 4 hours 35 minutes and 43 seconds was ok in my book. I was looking to maintain a 10 minute mile pace throughout the course which would’ve put me finishing at approximately 4h22m. However I knew I would hit the wall at some point and didn’t know how this would affect me. It did… a lot!!

    I had to push through the last 3 miles just thinking about the end because my legs were starting to cramp up. Luckily I was able to finish on my feet without too much pain.

    In terms of sponsorship and raising money for AMEND – the current amount raised stands at £3,303.10 without gift aid (£3,929.83 with) with money still coming in so I’m hoping to break the £3,500 mark by the end of May.

    I would like to say a huge huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me and supported me throughout this whole event. I’ve had sponsorship from friends, family, work colleagues and even people I don’t know, however we share a kinship through our membership of AMEND. People like me who suffer from the condition and/or know people who have. What a truly amazing community you and the team have created. I am very thankful my consultant put me in touch with you all those years ago!

    In conclusion, it was one of the best experiences of my life and to be able to raise money for such a worthy cause made it so much more special. Right, where’s the next one…! :-)”


  • We were lucky to get a Charity Ballot place for 2015.  Our runner that year, David ‘le Ginge’ Short, successfully completed the marathon in 5 hours and 51 minutes, raising over £1,000 for AMEND in the process. David said, ‘I would just like to say a huge thank you to AMEND for giving me the opportunity to complete the London Marathon for your charity….It was a really tough day but the crowd was amazing…I can honestly say, no feeling compares to finishing those 26.2 miles!’ Congratulations and thank you David!

  • Our 2014 London Marathon runner Matt Jones (shown here with his wife Laura) raised over £2,200 for AMEND in 2014

    “A huge thank you to one and all for the support and donations; it means a great deal to me, but more importantly, to the charity.” [Matt Jones]