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Please click on the links below to access posters for display in relevant hospital waiting areas as well as AMEND's Clinic Leaflet - a condensed first line information leaflet for patients on MEN and AMEND.

Alternatively, contact AMEND for a supply of any of the above which will be sent to you free of charge.



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pdf AMEND Research Registry Poster (NZ) Popular

By 2508 downloads

Download (pdf, 132 KB)

2012 Research Registry poster NZ.pdf

pdf AMEND Research Registry Poster (UK) Popular

By 2595 downloads

Download (pdf, 133 KB)

2012 Research Registry poster 2.pdf

pdf Clinic leaflet (New Zealand) Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.32 MB)


Clinic leaflet (New Zealand)

Leaflet with New Zealand contact details.

pdf Clinic leaflet 2012 (UK) Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.30 MB)


Clinic leaflet 2012 (UK)

Leaflet with UK contact details.

Image Clinic Poster (NZ) Popular

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Download (jpg)

NZ Clinic Poster with markup.jpg

Clinic Poster (NZ)

Poster with NZ contact details

pdf Clinic poster (UK) Popular

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Download (pdf, 503 KB)

Clinic Poster 2010 redesign yellow.pdf

Clinic poster (UK)

Poster with UK contact details.